Message of Head of Department

Persian Department was established in 1970. Persian is one of the most important Languages of the world. It has been the official language of the Sub- Continent up to Mughal rule in this area. .Kings, Poets, mystics and diplomats conversed in Persian from Turkey to India and China. Learning Persian language helps to keep ourselves fully acquainted with the history of Sub-Continent, Culture and literary heritage of our fore- fathers It bears a precious treasure of ethics and moral values. Persian has been second only to Arabic as the fountain of Islamic culture. Spiritual leaders the world over, treasure the great works of Persian literature such as the  Shahnamah-e- Firdousi ,Rubayat-e-Omer Khayam , Masnavi-e- Ma’navi-e- Maulavi and Diwan-e-Hafiz.

Architecture, Music, Novels, and Painting: Persian language is the key to the beauties of the medieval Persian culture- and a vibrant modern culture as well. Every day, there is news from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan on TV, Radio, Newspapers and the Web. To really understand events that are shaping the world today, learn Persian: the official language of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Iranian film makers are pushing the boundaries with some of the most exciting movies in modern times. The challenging ideas of Iran’s modern intellectuals have been shaping reform and revolution throughout the whole world.

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