Dr. Rashida Hassan

Amber Yasmin


Persian Department, NUML, Islamabad

Telephone:+92 51 9257646 –ext 324,325  email:   


  • M.A Persian from Quaid e-e Azam University Islamabad
  • PhD in process from National University of Modern languages, Islamabad.
  • Modern Persian Literature, literary Criticism, Iqbal studies
  • Amber Yasmin, 2009, Danish Journal “Patriotic Feelings in Iran’s Poetry of Constitutional Movement.” ایران ایران گرایی در شعر مشروطیت, Islamabad, Iran Pakistan Institute of Persian Studies.
  • Amber Yasmin.january 2010, Daryaft Journal, -“The love Stories of Persian Literature, Islamabad, Numl, Islamabad.3-Amber Yasmin June 2011,“Saya” A short Story in Persian by Simin Danishver Translated in Urdu. Payghm-e- Ashna A Quarterly Journal on the Common Cultural Heritage of Iran, Pakistan and south Asia vol 12,S.No.45 Islamabad.


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