Dr. Mahr Noor Mohammad


Dr. Mahr Noor Mohammad

Contract Professor

Persian Department, NUML, Islamabad

Telephone:+92 51 9257646 –ext 324,325  email: 



  • M.A Persian from Punjab University, Lahore (Gold Medelist)
  • PhD Persian, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.
  • Persian Literature, Iranology and Iqbal Studies
  • Fifty research articles on Persian Language, Literature, Iranology, Iqbaliat and Pakistan Studies, published in refereed journals of Pakistan and Iran.   
  • Dr Mahr Noor Mohammad Khan, (1983), A Study of European Loan words in the Persian Language, Islamabad, Iran Pakistan Institute of Persian Studies.
  • ______________________,, (1985), As Gulistan-E- Ajam, Islamabad, Iran- Pakistan Institute Persian Studies, (Co- Author).
  • ______________________,, (1985), Principals of Coining Terminology in Iran, Islamabad, National Language Authority of Pakistan.
  • ______________________,, (1986), Bibliography of Coining Terminology in Persian Language, Islamabad, National Language Authority of Pakistan, (Co- Author).
  • ______________________,, (1996),Critical Collation and Editing of Manuscript: Khyaban-E- Gulistan, An Exposition of Gulistan-E-SA’DI, written by Siraj-Ud-Din Khan Arzoo, Islamabad, Iran- Pakistan Institute of Persian Studies.
  • _____________________,, (2004), Concept of Liberty in Persian Literature during Revolutionary Movement for Constitutional government, Islamabad, Iran- Pakistan Institute of Persian Studies.
  • _____________________,, (2006), Critical Collation and Editing of Manuscript of : TAZKERA-e-MAJMA-UN-NAFAES, 2nd Viol, by Khan-e- Arzoo, Islamabad, Iran- Pakistan Institute of Persian Studies.
  • _____________________,, (2007), Glossary of Military and Strategic Terms,  Rawalpindi, S.T. Printers.
  • November, 1988, International Congress of HAFIZ at Shiraz University, November, 19-22,1988, Shiraz, Iran.
  • September, 1989, International TABARY Seminar at Mazandran University, September 13-15 1989, Mazandran, Iran.
  • September, 1990, Semirar on Modern Persian Literature at Shiraz University, September 22-24, 1990, Shiraz, Iran.
  • December, 1990, International Congress on Ferdousi, at Tehran University, December 22-27, 1990, Tehran, Iran.
  • June, 1991, International Congress on Nizami Ganjavi at Tabriz University, June, 22-25,1991, Tabriz, Iran.
  • November, 1991, Seminar on Literature of Islamic Revolution, Tehran University, November 28-30, 1991, Tehran, Iran.
  • August, 1993, Regional Seminar on the Cultural Relations between Iran and Sub Continent, at Islamabad Hotel, August 28-30,1993, Islamabad.
  • October, 1995, International Seminar on ATTAR, at Nisha Pur, October,2-4,1995,Nisha Pur. Iran.
  • November, 2001, International Seminar on University and Society at TARBIAT-e-MODARRIS University, November,22-29,2001, Tehran Iran.
  • January, 2002, Seminar on Promotion of Persian in Pakistan at Iran-Pakistan Institute of Persian Studies, at Islamabad, January, 20-21,2002, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • November, 2002, International Seminar on Allama Iqbal, at Allama Iqbal Open University, November, 28,2002, Islamabad.
  • October, 2003, International Congress of Persian Teachers, at Tehran University, October,20-22,2003, Tehran, Iran.
  • January 2009, International Conference on Cultural Iran: Past, Present and Future at Tehran University, January,23-24,2009, Tehran, Iran.
  • January 2009,sixth International Congregation of Persian Professors at Tehran University, January 26-28,2009,Tehran, Iran
  • January 2011,Seventh International Congregation of Persian Professors at Tehran University, January 18-19,2011, Tehran, Iran


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